A Note from the Editors

It is with both fond memories and some sadness that I announce that this issue of Cheese Enthusiast will be our last printed issue for the time being. After more than three years of publication, I’ve taken on new responsibilities at work (it is true…CE has not been a full-time occupation, even if it owns much of my heart) and simply cannot commit to regular publication. The good news is that this labor of love has been one shared by many. My husband Chris Thompson (he of the melodious and thoughtful book reviews, as well as periodic articles on subjects ranging from cheese stores, cheesemakers, and cows in the nativity, as well as our Senior Editor) has supported CE from the beginning (it was, in fact, his idea to take on the responsibility of Home Dairy News from Vicki Dunaway back in 2008). Jane Cavalier designed our logo and the original layout. Kathy Myers and Denise McIntyre-Workman have laid out each issue. Helge Soreide designed and runs our website. Contributors have included our “frequent writers”—Merryl Winstein, Matt Logan (both Matt and Merryl have articles in this issue), and Meaghan Colleary—as well as articles from Matt and Elizabeth Henry, Hope Adair, Charlotte Hirst, Sarah Leech-Black, Porter White, Mark Polinar, Beth Chamber, Mary Segal, Molly Selvin, and Frank Tapparo. And we could not have the insights and teaching we offer without the nearly three dozen cheesemakers profiled in Cheesemaker Check-In and in feature articles, not to mention Jim Wallace, Montse Almena-Aliste, Mark Druart, Paul Kindstedt and the visiting cheesmakers at the Vermont Institute of Artisan Cheese. Finally, I’d like to recognize our loyal subscribers who have encouraged Cheese Enthusiast with your letters and email. Thank you.

Even with this pause in publication of our printed newsletter, Cheese Enthusiast will continue on through our website. We will be periodically publishing interviews, book reviews, and even the occasional “Do Try This At Home” column at www.cheeseenthusiast.net. We will include our current advertisers and supporters on the website, as well as links to other cheesy resources. All content (prior issues of Cheese Enthusiast and new articles) will soon be vailable without charge through the website. For current subscribers whose subscriptions have not run out, please send me an email at publisher@cheeseenthusiast.net and let me know which issues you do not have. I will provide back issues for as long as I have them in stock (please note that CE 5 has long been out of print but can be provided as a PDF). When the time is right, I hope to reinitiate regular publication of the printed Cheese Enthusiast newsletter. For now, enjoy the website and consider submitting an article or review for inclusion.

Before wrapping up this note, I’d like to highlight what you’ll find in this issue. We open up with yet another terrific article by cheesemaker Matt Logan, now at Hawthorne Valley Farm in New York State. Matt fills us in on the critical role of salt in cheesemaking, for both character and preservation. Merryl Winstein joins CE once again with her report on her visit to the little bit of heaven found at Jasper Hills in Vermont. Chris Thompson visits Farm City in his review of Novella Carpenter’s book on urban farming in Oakland, California. And, in Do Try This at Home, I try my hand at a Southern California version of a cheese inspired by the Torta del Cesar of the shepherds in Extremadura, Spain.

Enjoy CE 15, stay in touch and let us know how your cheesemaking is going. I’ll remain your Cheese Enthusiast.

Susan Marquis
June 2012

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