Issue No. 12

September 18th, 2011

Retail Tales: Andrew’s Cheese Shop, Santa Monica, CA

By Chris Thompson

A couple of weeks ago, I needed to come up with a cheese plate for a gathering of graduate students and faculty. These people know my wife and I are cheese aficionados , so I had to make it something more than cheddar and Ritz crackers. Your author headed over to our neighborhood cheese shop on a gray, blustery Saturday morning, only to find that I was early. So there I stood on the corner, trying to stay warm in the damp onshore breeze. There’s a yogurt shop there, and they had some music on for the morning’s non-existent customers.

Postcards from Gubbeen, Part 2

by Matt Logan

Editor’s note: In CE 11, Matt told of his introduction to the Ferguson family and cheesemaking at Gubbeen Farm, in County Cork, Ireland, last fall. In this second installment of “Postcards from Gubbeen,” we hear of the buildup for Christmas cheese sales but also learn a bit more about the nearby village of Schull, its pubs, scandals, and Christmas in Ireland….

Do Try This At Home

by Susan Marquis

Reviewing Janet Hurst’s Homemade Cheese (in this issue of CE) gave Cheese Enthusiast the opportunity to try out some of the recipes she offers. The fifty recipes in the book include fresh cheeses such as Chèvre and Queso Fresco (from Paula Lambert of the Mozzarella Company), bloomy rind and blue cheeses, and aged, semi-hard cheeses such as Manchego. Cheese Enthusiast tested three recipes: Petite Suisse, Halloumi, and Gruyère.

News from the Louisiana State Fair

Cheese Enthusiast was delighted to be featured as a prize at the Nigerian Goat Show held as part of the Louisiana State Fair in Shreveport on November 3-5. According to CE subscriber Chrisi Bell, the show was a great success, with entrants from seven states, including Louisiana, Indiana, Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and South Carolina. The show’s organizers emphasize a family-friendly affair, with many of the participants young goat owners. This show, the last of the season, was a chance for the “goat community” to enjoy time together, doing what they love, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Sally Jackson Cheese—A Sad Loss

by Susan Marquis

In CE 11, we addressed the issue of food safety in artisanal cheesemaking, spurred on by a flurry of articles on food safety violations and recalls from cheesemakers Bravo Farms, Rosecrest Farm, and Morningland Dairy. Imagine our dismay when days after going to press we learned that Sally Jackson Cheese had been the source of E. coli that caused the illness of eight people in Oregon, Washington, Vermont, and Minnesota.

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